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Flux – Watch the trailer for new multi-world indie sci-fi film

Indie film director Antony Scott got in touch to share some details and the trailer for his new sci-fi film, Flux.

FLUX tells the story of famed film director Alex Storm (James Joseph Robson) and after a tragic accident, he is left in a catatonic state. His conscience constructs an Avatar from fragments of his memory. Only to be trapped in his own Nexus – the fictional worlds he created for his films. His Avatar can FLUX through the worlds, taking the viewer on a journey through the genres, from superhero to horror, gangster films and medieval fantasy. His Avatar is now on its final journey and it becomes a race against time as his daughter Michelle Storm (Lauren Wade) must find away to enter his Nexus before he succumbs to the deathstalker known as the Hunter.

Antony Scott

Here is what Antony had to say about the film.

FLUX is my debut feature film, I had no sponsors, so the project is self-funded by myself, costing my 20k to put together. All Scottish talent and all filmed in Scotland. It started as a short film for the University of West of Scotland in 2015 but due to the potential of the project, I decided to make it a feature in 2016. It took me 4 years to put it together. A sci-fi film in Scotland incorporating 20 genres of fiction seemed like an impossible challenge but I’ve never backed down from a challenge. It’s 2020 and hopefully, when the lockdown ends I can release it.

I wrote the screenplay, directed and produced FLUX, during 2017 I took a locations department job on the Marvel blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War while it was filming in Edinburgh and later Avengers: Endgame in ST Abbs. I got the job as I was recommended by a friend due to my ambitious project and I guess it must have impressed the crew. I was glad too as I was running out of steam and funds at that point. It was an amazing experience and I learned so much, I was able to talk to Director Anthony Russo and he advised me on how to finish the film. Some of the crew came on board from Avengers, including Elizabeth Freer who I worked within the locations department but her skills and resourcefulness proved valuable, so much so, she took over as Producer on FLUX…and I later married her.

The Film will hopefully be released later this year.

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