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Will there ever be a Dracula Untold 2?


Dracula Untold is an American fantasy horror movie that was released in 2014 by Universal Studios. The movie cost $70m to make and even though it can be seen as a box office success bringing in over $217m worldwide, it still received widespread criticism in terms of reviews of the storyline. Even though this is the case many fans loved the film and the performance of Luke Evans as Dracula, who received praise for his performance and wanted to see a release of ‘Dracula Untold 2’, but is this ever going to materialise?

When Dracula Untold was released it was billed as the first film in the rebooted monster movies films franchise by Universal, a plan which appears to have disappeared in the subsequent years. Dark Universe was the name given by Universal to their planned ‘cinematic universe’ and Dracula Untold was supposed to be the first attempt at this universe. Since the film was released however it’s connection with the shared universe has been downplayed. Universal who announced plans to reinvent The Mummy franchise in 2012, made the decision to reposition this as the first film in this series instead.

Dracula has always been seen as one of the favourite monsters so it is quite surprising given this that Universal decided to step away from this and wouldn’t want to further develop the story of one of the most powerful and popular movie monster stories in history. The potential for the character is evident through releases such as various Dracula board games, video games and even an online video Dracula slot game that is available to play on many reputable casinos. In fact, Unibet online casino has confirmed this game title is one of the most popular amongst its slots players.

Last year Luke Evans, who plays Dracula stated in interviews that he hoped that his character would still have a part to play in the ‘Dark Universe’. He stated he hadn’t yet heard anything about a second instalment but would still love to be involved. Nothing in the Mummy story actually disregards any part of the Dracula Untold story, so it is still possible that Universal could circle back round to it and explore a sequel. The problem is that with the exception of the strong performance from Evans as Dracula there isn’t much more that is very memorable about the film, meaning that Universal may not want to associate themselves with this version of Dracula in the future.

In fact, the whole future of the Dark Universe is questionable due to 2017’s The Mummy being on the receiving end of mainly negative reviews and the planned Bride of Frankenstein reboot also put on hold for the time being. Due to these factors, it becomes more difficult to envisage a Dracula Untold 2 in the works anytime soon.

There are no plans at present for a Dracula Untold sequel, but this doesn’t mean it will never materialise. It seems a shame that Universal wouldn’t want to continue with such a powerful character that really has the potential to resonate with audiences.

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  1. To bad a great movie and a great performance.

  2. Reconsider making a sequel to “Dracula Untold” with Luke Evans. He is such a powerful actor, and the Dracula stories have such a great fan base. I loved the movie and would like to see more!

  3. Love it. Still hopeful on a or 2

  4. we need Dracula untold 2

  5. I hope that we will watch Dracula 2 soon, because the first one had been well released.

  6. Look at the rest of the comments, there is no bad criticism about the movie and anybody that said it was bad was probably just sad that day because their parents died 🙂

  7. Agree with all….every time I watch Untold on TV and keep wishing a sequel was in the works.. Felt the same way about Constantine

  8. we really need Dracula untold 2

  9. We ( my family) watch this movie ever so often & we all want to know “When is the sequel going to be out!”

  10. That was great movie ,first time any one of the dracula movie yet they are not making

  11. I loved Luke Evans as Dracula in Dracula Untold and I would love to see a sequel to it , I love Dracula movies, I hope that everyone that See’s it will leave a comment about the movie and ask that the sequel be reconsidered . Thank you for reading my comment ,with the love for all movies made by Universal, sincerely Katrina Leigh Davenport

  12. Just rewatching it now fantastic film and luke evans is perfect for the role

  13. How much did they pay this Josh Drew ( writer of article) to make us believe that this beautiful movie didn’t have a sequel because it had negative reviews. Everyone I know who watched this movie loved it and is dying for a sequel. This was an excellent movie!. Everything about this movie was great. The people want Dracula Untold 2. Luke Evans was excellent in this movie. The movie left me wanting more.

  14. Best version of a Dracula film I’ve ever seen. Still one of my top 10 favorite films to this day. The way they portrayed Vlad (Dracula) as not being the FIRST vampire is what gives this story so much free reign. They can go anywhere with it. Continue the story in today’s world , or have a prequel and describe how the FIRST vampire came to be. Please SOMEONE make a part 2 ….please!!!

  15. Please please please do a sequel..watching again tonight for the 6th it ❤️

  16. Its not fare untold 2 plz

  17. Comment pliz can we have universal making the 2nd part.”let the games begin ..”

  18. In the next decade I will be coming into a very rather large inheritance if they make Dracula untold in that time frame when I become of age I will give 25% to donations or find anything they desire that is how much I love Dracula untold and for those of you who think this is fake it is very real I assure you

  19. It’s been years but i’m still hoping for part 2, no one would waste time reviewing this movie if this wasnt great… This is an AWESOME MOVIE! Part 2 please

  20. Please make a sequel with Luke Evans. I don’t a single person that disliked Dracula Untold. I just had a bunch of friends over and this is the one movie that I have that everyone agreed to watch. The only thing that upsets everyone was that there isn’t a sequel.

  21. I dont understand. The movie made 200 and something million. Stop pu**y footing around and give us a sequel.

  22. Excellent movie! Please make a sequel with Luke Evans!!!

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