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Train To Busan is heading to Blu-ray. Watch an exclusive clip

A mysterious viral outbreak pushes Korea into a state of emergency. The government declares martial law just as divorced Seok-woo and his daughter catch the KTX bullet train from Seoul to Busan to see her mother. But someone on the journey has been recently infected sending the hurtling carriages into complete chaos. As the living dead transform the voyage into a nightmare excursion, father and daughter and a small group of uninfected passengers must fight for survival. Get on board to stay alive!

Alan reviewed the film at this years FrightFest and said it was “ferocious and epic, Train to Busan is not just a super impressive zombie flick, it is also a study in selfishness versus selflessness and will leave you with a tear in your eye.”

Check out his full review.

Train to Busan is the live action debut from Korean animator Yeon Sang-ho. It stars Yoo Gong (The Suspect, Silenced), Yu-mi Jeong (Silenced, Chaw, A Bittersweet Life), Ma Dong-seok (Midnight FM, The Good, The Bad and The Weird), and An So-hee (Hellcats, Entourage).

Train to Busan is available on Digital Download 20th February and DVD, Blu-ray and VOD 27th February.

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