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Spy Movies Well Worth A Second Watch

While there is something very subjective about the best movies, we can all agree that some genres seem to perform better than others. Spy movies always attract a large audience, from Bond in Casino Royale to something by John le Carre like Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy there is plenty to keep you on the edge of your seat. So, here in our opinion are some of the best spy movies well worth a second look.

James Bond

The name’s Bond, James Bond. One of the suavest and sophisticated spies of all times, British agent James Bond has many films to his name. Of course, over the years the leading actor has changed, with Sean Connery, Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan coma and Roger Moore all taking turns to play the seductive male lead. Most people can tell you who their favourite Bond is, but the format has worked for many years. With wacky, futuristic inventions from Q to the dulcet tones of Moneypenny and the iron fist of M. It is undoubtedly true escapism with a few twists along the way. Remarkably Bond never dies, but sometimes his girl does. The series appears to be incomplete, with film producers promising another instalment will be with us soon.


Mission: Impossible 

Another serial spy hero is that of Tom Cruise in the leading role in the Mission Impossible series of films. Cruise prides himself on doing all of his own stunts, and several times this has seen him actually get injured. How long he will be able to continue to do this as he is, like the rest of us, ageing all the time is unknown, but the film franchise remains incredibly popular. Apparently in Mission: Impossible Fallout he filmed the jumping out of a plane scene 106 times to get the shot he needed. The movies are undoubtedly high octane, with plenty of action to keep the viewer glued to the screen. Some film franchises lose it when they bring out the sequels, but this one seems to have been able to keep the magical formula alive with every release, they make a success. 


Enemy of the State

Will Smith heads up the cast of Enemy of the State, playing District Attorney Robert Dean Clayton, who has footage of a murdered congressman planted on him. This leads to the National Security Agency going after him in a big way determined to bring him down. Of course, he is not remotely connected to the murder, and this is all lies and fabrication, so while avoiding capture, he must work out why he has been framed and how to clear his name. Gene Hackman also stars, and this was another box office smash that always receives rave reviews. 


The Bourne Identity 

Again, there is more than one film in this franchise that sees Matt Damon become something of a Hollywood star thanks to this film. The film is based around Robert Ludlum’s book in which Doug Luman suffers from amnesia, which is never a good thing for a spy. Some of the scenes are gritty, and there is some up-close combat as well as some dark and eerie locations. If you loved this film, you would probably enjoy the others in the series. 


Spy Kids

For something a little more lighthearted, this is a family-friendly adventure which is widely lauded as being an excellent romp through spy land. It is written and directed by Robert Rodriguez, who also wrote From Dusk Till Dawn and Sin City. The premise of the film is that two children suddenly discover their very much boring mum and dad are actually very clever international spies. Dad, played by heartthrob Antonio Banderas, and mum, played by Carla Gugino, get assigned a mission in which they must assassinate each other. Clearly, neither knows that the other is also a spy until this point. This was how they met, married and left the world of spying. However, when influential people start disappearing, they are dragged into action but end up MIA – Missing in Action themselves. Now it is time for their children to prove what they – are made of and plan a daring rescue mission which not only finds their parents but solves the mystery of all the disappearances in true Hollywood happily ever after style. 


Mr and Mrs Smith 

For a more grown-up take on this storyline, why not watch Mr and Mrs Smith the film credited with bringing Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie together. Neither is aware that the other is a spy until they are tasked with, yep you guessed it, killing each other. However, rather than initially teaming up, they decide the job is more important than the marriage and full-on war ensues. Their beautiful home is destroyed as they run around with guns and knives desperately trying to kill each other, and when the agencies realise that they had pitted husband against wife other agents are brought in to try and do the job. In the end, in order to stay alive, they must work together to escape the team of agents on their case. Cue total chaos and carnage in a shopping mall with plenty of light-hearted entertainment, and you have yourself a spy movie that is certainly worth a second look. If nothing else, it’s always good to see women breaking stereotypical roles and wielding weapons.


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