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2023 Movie Trailer Mashup

Posted by on Dec 19, 2023 in All, Film, Mashup, News | 0 comments

It’s almost the end of 2023 – where did it all go? – and Sleepy Skunk has put together another fantastic trailer mashup...

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MANIFF 2023 Review: Hello Dankness – “A work of pure weird genius”

Posted by on Mar 16, 2023 in All, comedy, documentary, drama, fantasy, Film, Headline, Mashup, Reviews, Supercut, thriller | 0 comments

An average street in Middle America. The year is 2016 and posters for Trump, Hillary and Bernie are dotted on different lawns and walls....

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Cool Mashup – 2001: A Space Odyssey directed by George Lucas

Posted by on Jan 29, 2023 in action, All, Film, Mashup, News, sci-fi, thriller | 0 comments

What if George Lucas was the director of 2001: A Space Odyssey? Poakwoods decided to answer that very question. I tried to imagine what...

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Cool Mashup: 2022 Movie Trailer Mashup by Sleepy Skunk

Posted by on Jan 3, 2023 in All, Film, Mashup, News | 0 comments

2022 is in the rearview mirror so time for a video retrospective looking back at the films that graced our screens last year. Another...

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Star Wars: Andor gets a funky 1975 style TV intro

Posted by on Nov 21, 2022 in action, All, drama, Mashup, sci-fi, thriller, Trailers, TV | 0 comments

Andor has swiftly become one of my favourite live-action Star Wars shows. Going from “why are they making this about that guy” to...

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Cool Mashup: Ewoks vs. Predator

Posted by on Apr 19, 2022 in action, All, drama, Film, horror, Mashup, News, sci-fi, thriller | 0 comments

Nothing like it has ever been on Endor before. It came for the thrill of the hunt. Will those ankle biter Ewoks be able to stand to the...

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Cool Art: Hellboy and John Constantine / My Neighbour Totoro by Daniel Canedo

Posted by on Feb 1, 2022 in action, All, animated, Art, Comics, drama, fantasy, Film, horror, Mashup, News, Posters | 0 comments

This beautiful riff on My Neighbour Totoro is by Daniel Canedo and features John Constantine and Hellboy. You can see more of...

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Cool Short: Uncharted vs Tomb Raider vs Indiana Jones

Posted by on Jan 28, 2022 in action, All, drama, Film, Games, Mashup, News, short film, thriller | 0 comments

This amazing video features Nathan Drake vs Lara Croft vs Indiana Jones. Itwas shot in the country of Uzbekistan, in 8K. Filmed in the...

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Cool Short – TS2 Terminators 2: Primary Targets

Posted by on Jan 6, 2022 in action, All, drama, Film, Mashup, News, sci-fi, short film, thriller | 0 comments

Fabrice Mathieu is back with a sequel to his 2019 short film, TS: Terminators (watch it here). This one takes place after James Cameron’s...

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Cinemashup 2021 looks at 149 films from the past 12 months

Posted by on Dec 13, 2021 in All, Film, Mashup, News | 0 comments

As we near the end of 2021…another year that was simultaneously super slow and lightning fast in passing by… we will be...

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