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Adventure Time: The Roleplaying Game is heading our way

Cryptozoic Entertainment, leading creator of tabletop games, trading cards, and collectibles, in collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products, today announced the launch of the Kickstarter campaign for Adventure Time: The Roleplaying Game. Fans can pledge now on Kickstarter.

Based on Cartoon Network’s Emmy and Peabody Award-winning animated series, the tabletop RPG lets players create their own heroic adventures in the world of Adventure Time. Built as a fifth edition (5E)-compatible game, Adventure Time: The Roleplaying Game offers new gameplay elements inspired by the series, including the “STORY” character origin mechanic, exploding dice mechanics, and a specialized set of Adventure Twists that encourage player creativity. The game features unique sub-classes, dangerous Monsters, and an adventure arc.

Backers can pledge for the Core Book, Adventure Book, Kickstarter Exclusive slipcase, custom Jake Dice Set, character journals, character sheets, game cards, and more. All copies of the Core Book in the campaign will also include an Adventure Time-themed booklet explaining the basics of fifth edition RPG game mechanics, a perfect reference for newcomers that makes it easy to start playing right away. The campaign will run for 30 days, with many stretch goals planned.

“Adventure Time created an amazing, fully realized world that fans couldn’t get enough of, so it was the ideal property for our first foray into roleplaying games,” said Cory Jones, CCO of Cryptozoic. “The gameplay is classic: Use your imagination and dice to overcome the Dungeon Master’s challenges. We‘ve focused on the core benefit of an RPG… unlocking YOUR creativity! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of their own Adventure Time story?”

In Adventure Time: The Roleplaying Game, it all starts with the Core Book, subtitled “Prismo’s Guide to Adventures in Ooo.” In order to create their character, each player makes a series of choices that shape their character’s STORY (Species, Talent, Occupation, Resources, Yonder). The game has 20 species and a dozen subclasses to get players started, as they develop a character with unique skills, abilities, and stat boosts. On their adventures through Ooo, players can discover over 60 unique Magical Items and encounter over 40 new Monsters, covered in a bestiary that includes observational notes from Jake the Dog.

Given the importance of dice to the game mechanics, the campaign offers custom Adventure Time dice that players can roll to see if they succeed or fail in their desired actions. In addition, Adventure Twist Cards modify the course, narrative, or circumstances of the current adventure.

The Adventure Book offered in the campaign is subtitled “Quest for the Shadow Gems” and will take players through the Grasslands and the Candy Kingdom, encountering familiar Adventure Time characters as well as some sinister developments in the Land of Ooo.

Jake’s Shmowzow Guide to Roleplaying Games comes with the Core Book exclusively on Kickstarter. Written by Ray Winninger, co-designer of the DC Heroes RPG and former Executive Producer of Dungeons & Dragons, the guide includes a simple step-by-step explanation of the simple ideas players need to understand to begin play and a walk-through of the character creation process, all guided by Jake from Adventure Time.

The Kickstarter campaign for Adventure Time: The Roleplaying Game starts today and runs until May 15, with pledge tiers starting at $50. Stretch goals, if unlocked, will add additional content and upgrades. Preorder items are expected to be delivered to backers in March 2025.

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