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A Thousand Suns – Watch the new sci-fi short film anthology series

Introducing A THOUSAND SUNS, a mind-bending science fiction anthology series of short stories that explores visions of humanity’s future, shaped by the actions of our world today: a gateway to our hopes, dreams and nightmares.

Check out the trailer and you can watch the episodes below.

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Created by Macgregor, A THOUSAND SUNS brings together the creative talents of filmmakers Ruairi Robinson, Tyson Wade Johnston, Tim Hyten, and Philip Gelatt to craft this first season, offering a glimpse into our hopes, dreams… and nightmares.


Directed by Ruairi Robinson
Written by Phil Gelatt & Ruairi Robinson
Cinematographer Macgregor

An advance-scout is sent to probe the frigid expanse of a distant world for signs of life, as a candidate for planetary terraforming.


Directed by Macgregor
Written by Phil Gelatt and JD Stanley

On the vast expanse of an alien desert, a heretic faces her accusers and casts judgment on them.

Director Quote: “I’ve been always drawn to the allure of a tidally locked planet’s unique canvas. The perpetual dusk, set against the stark landscapes of desert and ice, offered a captivating backdrop for storytelling. The challenge of capturing the delicate interplay between light and shadow, and unraveling the human experience in such an extraordinary setting, fueled my excitement.”


Written & Directed by Tyson Wade Johnston
Cinematography by Macgregor

Those with means flee a climate-ravaged Earth, seeking refuge in the stars. Those without are left behind, holding onto hope.

Director Quote: “With Exodus, I wanted to tell the story of a family trapped in a vicious generational cycle. Real people with simple aspirations, pinned down by the overwhelming forces of class and capitalism.”


Directed by Macgregor
Written by Phil Gelatt

Chased across an increasingly harsh landscape, a lone rebel goes to ground, only to find herself face-to-face with older, darker, forces.

Director Quote: “We spent weeks choreographing a sequence inspired by the sharp, fast-cut movements of Japanese warrior films, mixed with the rough brutality of Scandinavian culture. It’s a unique fusion, half samurai elegance and half Viking ferocity.”


Directed by Tim Hyten & Macgregor
Written by Tim Hyten & Macgregor

Deep in the South Korean mountainside, a young domestic worker has her chores interrupted by news that will forever change her.

Director Quote: “In a high-tension conflict between warring powers, collateral damage comes in the form of its good citizens. A reality we’re living every day.”


Written and Directed by Ruairi Robinson

We’re fucked.

Director Quote: “This film is a love letter to my favourite corporation. I really just love corporations.”

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