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Good Guy With A Gun picked up by Freestyle Digital Media

Freestyle Digital Media, the digital film distribution division of Byron Allen’s Allen Media Group, has acquired North American VOD rights to the rural coming-of-age action/thriller GOOD GUY WITH A GUN, which will be available to rent/own on all digital HD internet, cable, and satellite platforms worldwide, as well as on DVD, starting on February 20, 2024, through Freestyle Digital Media.

GOOD GUY WITH A GUN is a taut, coming-of-age rural action thriller following a boy and his mother’s arrival in a small toGod Guy With A Gunwn. After the violent death of his father, teenager Will and his mother Tessa move to a small town. Angry and insecure, Will finds solace in new friendships, but his deepening journey into local gun culture further fractures his relationship with his mother and complicates his grief. Realizing the dangerous direction in which he’s headed, he desperately tries to reverse course, taking him down a path of unanticipated consequences. Challenging the black and white concept of good guy/bad guy, the story explores the complex gray area lacking in the current American dialogue surrounding not just guns but many aspects of life deserving of a more nuanced discussion. In the end, the fractured family (similar to OUR AMERICAN FAMILY) succeeds at repairing itself, bearing greater wisdom moving forward but not without a cost.

Written and directed by John Mossman, GOOD GUY WITH A GUN was produced by Kevin Cooper and DeAnna Cooper. GOOD GUY WITH A GUN features an ensemble cast that includes Beck Nolan (‘Will Greenwood’), Tiffany Bedwell (‘Tessa Greenwood’), Jack Cain (‘Jonah’), David Stobbe (‘Cade’), Ian Barford (‘Jerry’), Morgan P. Allen (‘Auggie’), Dan Waller (‘Duke’), Liv Shine (‘Donelle’), John Mossman (‘Riggs’), John LaFlamboy (‘Officer Osborne’), Joe Swanberg (‘Tom Greenwood’), Todd Wojcik (‘Father Tinley’), Jennifer Jelsema (‘Jennifer’), Elizabeth Laidlaw (‘Marilyn’), Skye Shrum (‘Noreen’), Kathy Scambiatterra (‘Mrs. Zirzow’), David Pasquesi (‘Philip’), and Roger Welp (‘Officer Kruegher’).

“Families have always had their problems. Teenagers will rebel. Parents will split, loved ones will die. But as our fractured American family struggles, it finds itself heading down a path it may not recover from,” said filmmaker John Mossman. “With GOOD GUY WITH A GUN, I set out to explore the danger, and at times the appeal, of going down this violent path. I’m glad we’re able to illustrate the extraordinary difficulties in turning back, and ultimately the enduring power of family to see us through dark times.”

Check out the official site.

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