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Beware the Bad CGI Gator in the trailer for the new film from Full Moon Features

Many of the recent low budget creature feature monster movies have had rather lousy CGI for their monstrous creations. The new film from Full Moon Features just leans right into that aspect with Bad CGI Gator.

Six college grads on spring break get a cabin in the swamplands of Georgia. Once there, they decide to throw their school laptops in a backyard lake in an act of youthful defiance, which unknowingly turns a lurking alligator into the dreaded and insatiable… BAD CGI GATOR.

Quite frankly, I salute them for just going with it.

I do like the trailer. Made me chuckle in a couple of places. Check it out below.

Directed by Danny Draven, the film is out Full Moon Feature’s Amazon Prime Channel from 24th November 2023.

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  1. Charles Band doesn’t miss!

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