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Christoph Waltz plays an aging Hitman in the first image from Simon West’s Old Guy

Old Guy is the new film from Simon West (Con Air). Highland Film Group’s action-comedy stars Christoph Waltz, Lucy Liu and Cooper Hoffman.

In Old Guy aging contract killer Danny Dolinski (Waltz) still believes he’s the best at what he does. Stuck at a dead end but vying for the love of club manager Anata (Liu), Danny is thrilled when The Company pulls him back into the field, but only to train Gen Z newcomer Wihlborg (Hoffman), a prodigy assassin with an attitude. The mismatched pair is asked to eliminate top members of a competing crime syndicate and, in the process, uncover their employer’s true motive: removing the old guard in a full takeover. However, The Company didn’t anticipate that Danny’s experience coupled with the kid’s brilliance would create such an unlikely bond between the two, enabling them, with crucial help from Anata, to turn it all back on The Company.

The film is directed by Simon West and written by Greg Johnson (The Last Son).

ld Guy is produced by Jib Polhemus (The Last Son, The Expendables 2), Martin Brennan (One Way, Zone 414), West and R.U. Robot Studio’s Petr Jákl (Medieval, The Last Full Measure). Hal Sadoff (The Nice Guys, Orphan: First Kill) and Norman Golightly (Lord of War, Ghost Rider) will produce on behalf of Dark Castle Entertainment. The film is executive produced by R.U. Robot Studio’s Martin J. Barab, Blue Rider Pictures’ Walter Josten (Around the World in 80 Days, Holes) and Aperture Media Partners’ Jared Underwood, Andrew Robinson and Dan Mandel. Hannah Leader and Frank DeMartini serve on the production legal team.

According to THR, the film has sold during the Cannes Film Festival to SND Films for France, Square One Entertainment GmbH for Germany, Vertigo Releasing and Lumiere Ventures for the U.K., YouPlanet Pictures for Spain, Blue Swan Entertainment for Italy, Spentzos Film for Greece, NOS Lusomundo Audiovisuais for Portugal, SF Studios for Scandinavia, Vertical Entertainment for Eastern Europe, Aqua Group for Turkey, Falcon Films for the Middle East, Forum Film for Israel, California Filmes for Latin America, MovieCloud for Taiwan, Filmfinity for South Africa and Village Road Show for Australia and New Zealand.

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