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Broadway – Watch the trailer for the musical crime-drama

Musical meets crime drama in a colorful Athens set story of forgotten misfits, Broadway.

The latest acclaimed addition to Greek New Wave (Dogtooth, The Lobster, The Killing of a Sacred Deer), the film tells of a group of four young street performers and pickpockets in modern Athens find an unexpected refuge in the “Broadway Stoa”, an abandoned entertainment complex. The balances of their makeshift family will be upset when a former team member is released from prison.

Christos Massalas co-stars and directs. Elsa Lekakou, Foivos Papadopoulos, Stathis Apostolou, Rafael Papad, and Salim Talbi star.

Following a strong festival run including Rotterdam, San Francisco Indie FF, & more, director Christos Massalas’s BROADWAY will hit cinemas in New York and Los Angeles April 28 followed by a digital and DVD release May 16 from Dark Star Pictures.

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