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A Life On The Farm – Watch the trailer for the new documentary celebrating the odd life of an eccentric farmer

A strange story about a filmmaking farmer and his long-lost home movies. A Life on the Farm celebrates the odd life of an eccentric farmer in rural England named Charles Carson whose bizarre home movie has become a cult phenomenon around the world. Carson’s life and work are remembered by those who knew him best, and a new generation of fans reflect on the inspiring legacy he left behind.

The documentary follows the discovery of a VHS tape, naturally, titled A Life on the Farm, that was produced by isolated British farmer Charles Carson. Seemingly sweet and innocuous, the homemade doc gets increasingly darker as bits and pieces of Carson’s esoteric worldview comes into light.

A Life on the Farm is directed by Oscar Harding, and it just played at the Manchester Film Festival.

The film hits the Drafthouse cinemas in the US this April.

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