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This March ARROW travels through time, dives into the minds of Dennis Hopper and Nicholas Roeg, salutes Jeffrey Combs and more

Key highlights this March on the essential, alternative streaming service ARROW includes the dizzying Japanese sci-fi comedy Summer Time Machine Blues; the debut of two outstanding Paul Joyce documentaries, Dennis Hopper: Some Kind of Genius and Nothing As It Seems: The Films of Nicholas Roeg; an unmissable season of cult gems featuring genre hero Jeffrey CombsCamille Rutherford starring in the riveting royal drama Mary Queen of Scots, as well as much more…

In March, ARROW are proud to present Summer Time Machine Blues, a delightful teenage time-travel comedy from 2005 and a cult favourite in Japan, from the makers of the highly-acclaimed sci-fi comedy Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes. Summer Time Machine Blues, which Backseat Mafia acclaimed is “wildly inventive and impossible not to enjoy”, sees a gang of students discover a working time machine leading to all manner of delightful mayhem… and you can follow their antics on ARROW in March.

Also in March, Mary Queen of Scots, a stirring account of the beleaguered Queen’s turbulent life, with an outstanding performance by Camille Rutherford (Blue Is The Warmest Colour) in the lead role. A Swiss/French co-production, based on the novel by Stefan Zweig, and directed by Thomas Imbach, Eye For Film describes it as “a spare and taut account and a view of Mary as a woman far ahead of her time who fought to live her own passions”.

In March, ARROW present two documentaries from renowned documentarian Paul Joyce: Dennis Hopper: Some Kind of Genius, a revealing, entertaining and intimate interview with the legendary star of Apocalypse Now and Blue Velvet whose directorial debut, Easy Rider, irreparably altered Hollywood forever; and Nothing As It Seems: The Films of Nicholas Roeg, a terrifically insightful look at the formidable British director behind cult classics Walkabout, PerformanceThe Man Who Fell to Earth, Don’t Look Now and The Witches.

Seasons in March include Re-Animated: The Jeffrey Combs Collection, an unmissable selection of cult films starring the legendary actor Jeffrey Combs, whose mere presence makes any film he’s in automatically 27% better, with titles including Castle Freak, Doctor Mordrid, and Lurking Fear;  Nico Mastorakis: Hellas Raiser, showcasing the Greek genre film god’s pulpy thrillers jam-packed full of excitement, action and gore, with titles including .Com For Murder, Island of Death, and Nightmare at Noon; and Death By Stereo, a collection of music and audio-based ARROW features, shorts and extras up to 11!

ALSO SHOWING: A fascinating documentary on Get Carter director Mike Hodges, a behind-the scenes look at sci-fi classic Barbarella and horror favourite The MutilatorEwan McGregor and Eva Green in the dazzling Perfect Sense, and much much more…

New Titles – From March 3

  • Dennis Hopper: Some Kind of Genius
  • Nothing As It Seems: The Films of Nicholas Roeg

From March 10

  • Nightmare at Noon

From March 17

  • Barbarella Forever!
  • Mike Hodges: A Film-Maker’s Life
  • Fall Breakers: The Making of ‘The Mutilator’

From March 24

  • Mary Queen of Scots
  • Perfect Sense

From March 31

  • Summer Time Machine Blues
  • Zokki

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