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The Subject – Watch Jason Biggs and Aunjanue Ellis in the trailer for the new psychological thriller

The Subject follows a successful white documentary filmmaker, Phil (Jason Biggs), dealing with the fallout from his previous film in which he captured the life of Malcolm (Nile Bullock), a young black teen caught up in a gang lifestyle. While Phil’s film earns him respect and accolades in the art world, capturing Malcolm’s brutal murder on tape has left Phil questioning himself and the ethics of his work. Now, back on the streets and with a new subject for a high-profile new series he’s producing, the documentarian discovers someone is filming his every move, but who has turned the camera on the filmmaker and why are they threatening his idyllic life?

Starring Jason Biggs (American Pie franchise, Orange is the New Black) and Aunjanue Ellis (King Richard, Lovecraft Country) The Subject is a sharp psychological thriller that raises questions around privilege, accountability, representation and ethics in a world where anyone can become the subject of a camera.

Directed by the late Lanie Zipoy and written by acclaimed playwright Chisa Hutchinson, The Subject won ‘Best Thriller Feature’ at Berlin Independent Film Festival and the ‘Mira Nair Award for Rising Female Filmmaker’ at Harlem International Film Festival.

Bulldog Film Distribution presents The Subject on digital HD 20 February.

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