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Shin Kamen Rider gets a new trailer

Anno Hideaki, creator of Evangelion and the co-director of the excellent Shin Godzilla directed this new live-action movie called Shin Kamen Rider. The new film is a reboot of the original series.

The story follows Takeshi Hongo (Sosuke Ikematsu), as he is transformed into an enhanced cyborg agent of the evil organization Shocker—only to turn against them and use his power for justice as the masked hero Kamen Rider.

The film is not the only Kamen Rider heading our way as there are also a couple of TV shows in development.

  • Kamen Rider Black Sun is a reboot of the TV series originally broadcast in 1987-88. The new series will be directed by Shiraishi Kazuya (“Blood of Wolves”) for a Summer 2022 start.
  • Fuuto PI is a Kamen Rider anime that will hit in spring 2022 and it is based on a Sanjo Riku and Sato Masaki comic that launched in 2017.

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