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Cool Short / Mashup: The Last Skywalker

Heroes Fan Productions put together this great Ben Solo / Kylo Ren tribute video.

Here it is! My Ben Solo tribute. This one was my biggest challenge yet and it really took a toll on me, but it was worth it. I wanted to look at not only Ben Solo’s life journey but to bring the Skywalker story to a close in a full circle kind of way. We look at the effects the Dark Side had on Ben and the Skywalker family and how much it really eats you from the inside until there’s nothing left. Ben’s life was ruled by resentment and trauma, and it was love that eventually brought him back to the light, just like Anakin. If you have been a fan since my Chosen One video, I think you will all appreciate the ending of this tribute very much.

There is some amazing editing on display in this. No matter what your feelings are about the sequels this is well worth a watch.

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