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Sir Ian Holm has died at the age of 88

Sir Ian Holm, Ash in Alien, Father Vito Cornelius in The Fifth Element, Bilbo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings, and star or many other films and stage productions has died at the age of 88 from a Parkinson’s Disease-related illness

“It is with great sadness that the actor Sir Ian Holm CBE passed away this morning at the age of 88,” they said. “He died peacefully in hospital, with his family and carer,” said his agent. “Charming, kind and ferociously talented, we will miss him hugely.”

He was unable to meet up for the virtual reunion of The Lord of the Rings cast earlier this month and said, “I am sorry to not see you in person, I miss you all and hope your adventures have taken you to many places, I am in lockdown in my hobbit home, or holm.”

He received the 1967 Tony Award for Best Featured Actor for his performance as Lenny in The Homecoming and the 1998 Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actor for his performance in the title role of King Lear.

In 1981, he played Frodo Baggins in BBC radio adaptation of J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

He won the 1981 BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his role as athletics trainer Sam Mussabini in Chariots of Fire, for which he was also nominated for an Academy Award.

He also appeared in Time Bandits (1981), Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes (1984), Terry Gilliam’s Brazil (1985), and two David Cronenberg films: Naked Lunch (1991) and eXistenZ (1999)

He appeared with Kenneth Branagh in Henry V (1989) and as Polonius to Mel Gibson’s Hamlet (1990). Holm was reunited with Kenneth Branagh in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1994).

That is only a small selection of the roles he played. He was an incredible actor and had an amazing career.

He was a legend and he will be missed.

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