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Cool Mashup: Star Wars Saga Trailer – The Entire Saga

Dylan Trost put together this brilliant video that acts as a trailer for the entire 9 episodes of Star Wars.

This is a “trailer” for the entire saga. Yes, there are spoilers. Think of it as trailer for a box set or something, for people who have already seen the whole thing.

I’ve been trying to edit something like this for about 12 years, and thanks to the very small number of you, the last one (2.0) made its way around the internet. As much as I love Star Wars, finally having people see something I made was almost as good as the movies themselves.

This is 2.0 + small changes throughout + things I felt I missed from the OT, + the sequel trilogy (hate it or love it, it is part of the saga) + better quality. Don’t BLAST the sound near the middle. If you like it, share it around and hopefully, it can gain some popularity like the last one.

The story lives forever.

The force will be with you…ALWAYS.

Spoilers ahead.

Thanks to Alan for sending it over.

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