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Cool Short: Wednesday Addams vs Jason Voorhees

jason v wednesday

This is great fun.

A chance meeting between Wednesday Addams and Jason Voorhees turns into a violent and macabre game of cat and mouse. It’s The Braids VS The Brawn!

Starring ALEXIS BURNETT, DANIEL PONICKLY and JACK BENNETT as ‘Thing’. Cinematographer WB FONTENOT, Music by TOLY RAMIREZ, Sound Editor JUSTIN CRUSE, Make Up by EMILY FIORA PARKS, SFX Make-up by JERRY CONSTANTINE, Produced by ZOE QUIST & TRACY MORSE. Written, Directed, Edited and Produced by CHOPPER DENTON.

Thanks to the always wonderful Rebekah McKendry over at Blumhouse for the link.


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