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Cool Supercut: Slow Motion In Movies

Posted by on Apr 15, 2021 in All, Film, News, Supercut | 0 comments

CLS Videos put together this excellent 4-minute montage of various slow-motion scenes in feature films. It includes Dredd, The Shining,...

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Three of the Most Haunting Films Ever Made

Posted by on Aug 25, 2020 in drama, fantasy, Film, horror, thriller | 0 comments

In the world of film, different genres each have something unique and enjoyable to offer. When we’re in search of high-octane thrills, for...

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Stanley KuBLOG: The Shining – A Stanley Kubrick Retrospective

Posted by on Jun 26, 2020 in All, Books, drama, Film, Headline, horror, Reviews, thriller | 0 comments

Approaching The Shining is daunting. Of all Kubrick’s films, it is the most discussed. 2001 and Dr Strangelove, discussion feels...

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The Shining: Escape from the Overlook Hotel board game is heading our way

Posted by on May 26, 2020 in All, Books, drama, Film, Games, horror, News, thriller | 0 comments

“Here’s Johnny!” Stanley Kubricks’s adaptation of Stephen King’s The Shining is 40 years old. To celebrate the film’s...

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Cool Lego Minifigs: The Princess Bride, The Shining, Die Hard, They Live, and The Last Dragon

Posted by on May 25, 2020 in action, All, Art, comedy, drama, fantasy, Film, horror, News, sci-fi, thriller | 0 comments

I love these. Brilliant Lego minifigs. I really wish they hadn’t sold out of the They Live figure. Check out The Minifig Co. site to...

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Blu-ray Review: Doctor Sleep

Posted by on Mar 8, 2020 in All, Books, drama, DVD/Blu-ray, Film, Headline, horror, Reviews, thriller | 0 comments

Written, directed and edited by Mike Flanagan, Doctor Sleep is the adaptation of Stephen King’s sequel novel to The Shining and is...

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Doctor Sleep, The Shining and the derailment of nostalgia

Posted by on Nov 1, 2019 in All, Books, drama, Film, horror, News, Reviews, thriller | 0 comments

Best jump scare of the day? My phone starting to play Sleigh Ride at max volume, as I’m sat alone waiting for Doctor Sleep. As I type, I’m...

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Review: Doctor Sleep – “A smart, chilling and emotional love letter to the work of both Kubrick and King”

Posted by on Oct 30, 2019 in action, All, Books, drama, Film, Headline, horror, Reviews, thriller | 0 comments

Doctor Sleep is not an easy adaptation to make, given the mix of Stephen King’s novel, on which the film is based, and the iconic status...

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6 Famous Movie Hotels You Can Visit in Real Life

Posted by on Oct 23, 2019 in All, Film, News | Comments Off on 6 Famous Movie Hotels You Can Visit in Real Life

Mystique, beauty, grandeur a hotel with these characters can attract the attention not only of guests looking for a grand stay but also of...

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The Shining – Watch unseen interviews with Stanley Kubrick and Vivian Kubrick by Japanese Filmmaker Junichi Yaoi

Posted by on Jun 29, 2018 in All, Film, horror, Interviews, News, thriller | 0 comments

Towards the end of post-production on The Shining, Junichi Yaoi visited Stanley Kubrick’s offices at EMI Elstree Studios to...

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