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Cool Supercuts: Hearing The Revenant, The Martian, Sicario, Force Awakens & Mad Max: Fury Road

Posted by on Jul 30, 2016 in All, Film, News, Supercut | 0 comments

Zackery Ramos-Taylor decided to take a closer look at the Best Sound Editing Oscar Nominees of 2016 and put together these great supercuts...

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Cool Mashup: The Revenant meets Brother Bear

Posted by on Apr 27, 2016 in action, All, animated, drama, Film, Mashup, News | 0 comments

I love this. Harrison Allen put it together. It features footage from Disney’s 2003 film Brother Bear and audio from The Revenant....

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January at the movies

Posted by on Jan 31, 2016 in Film, News | 0 comments

The One Where 2016 Is Already Better Than 2015 At Breaking The Fourth Wall. My heart almost soared out of my chest on seeing The Revenant....

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Review: The Revenant – The worst camping trip ever

Posted by on Jan 14, 2016 in All, Books, drama, Film, Reviews, thriller | 0 comments

I wouldn’t have lasted five minutes in this film. If I somehow survived an onslaught from a bunch of hostile Native Americans, then I...

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Review: The Revenant – “A cinematic achievement of extraordinary proportions”

Posted by on Jan 13, 2016 in All, drama, Film, Reviews, thriller | 0 comments

Fresh off triumphing at the Golden Globe Awards where it was deservedly laurelled for Best Picture Drama, Best Lead Actor in a Drama Film...

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Review: The Revenant – “An extraordinary experience that you cannot afford to miss”

Posted by on Jan 8, 2016 in All, drama, Film, Reviews, thriller | 0 comments

Leonardo DiCaprio swaps the lavish lifestyle of riches, drugs and banging Margot Robbie in The Wolf of Wall Street for the frozen, harsh...

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