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January at the movies

The One Where 2016 Is Already Better Than 2015 At Breaking The Fourth Wall.


My heart almost soared out of my chest on seeing The Revenant. Two bits in particular. One, the bear breathing on the camera, thus breaking the fourth wall. Then, after enduring the film (and I mean that as a compliment), we get that ambiguous final shot.

Just cinematic perfection.

I mean, in what kind of meeting does someone even say; “I’ve had an idea. Let’s let the bear breath on the camera”? I don’t know, but it’s great to know new things are still being done. I endorse this film 100% sweeping the Oscars. Although, as they’ve proven with the nominations so far, the Academy got a lot wrong.

I’d even be chuffed for Hardy, who only goes “full Bane” once in my opinion. The rest is all drawel. And it’s a brilliant performance, proving a worthy adversary for Leo.

And what of Leo?

He’s been acting now for thirty odd years which is just odd to me. It makes me feel old, but also makes my jaw drop at what a career he’s carved out.

My biggest surprise when I look at IMDb is what a run he’s on. My Dad and I often count someone’s run, or bio. Hot streak. Whatever you call it. He’s just so consistent. Like a make Meryl Streep. But I’ve never liked Meryl Streep. So that doesn’t really work for me. He’ll rightly go down as a great, though.


It’s brilliant seeing Harrison Ford back, too. Star Wars (Jan started with a fifth trip. Even Mrs T loved it),Blade Runner, Indy, Jack Ryan. He’s done OK, too. You feel like you’re watching a Hollywood Legend when he’s on. Timeless. And that’s rare nowadays. The bit where he goes into the cockpit of the Falcon on his own is perfect. Scott Eastwood gets my thumbs up to take the character forward (backwards).

Leo though is a different league. IMDb. Just look.

It’s a strange position wondering in Jan if you’ve already seen the best film of 2016. But I’m oddly OK with it. I remember wondering similar in Jan 2015… After Birdman.

Jan 2016 has a few oddities too, though.


Joy was overrated in my opinion. Mainly because they’re “Streeping J-Law”. @LGrima gets credit for that brilliant turn of phrase. Everything’s built around her, and she’s solid. (Isn’t she always?) But shouldn’t everyone be happier that in amongst Dirty Grampa (just… Don’t) he’s back doing decent turns? We oweDavid O. Russell for that. And Three Kings, obviously.

The other oddity is The Big Short. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked it. Carrell is excellent. And for 130 mins (2016 movies are LONG!), it whizzed by.

But Best Film? Best Director? Bale? Really?? The Academy have done a ‘Joy’.


Talking of long movies, Hateful Eight got seen twice. And I just love it. So much so that I did a pilgrimage to Leicester Square to do it properly. (Thanks for that Cineworld).

Don’t get me wrong, it’s possibly QT’s most indulgent film. But in a world where we may only get 10, who dare complain?

The Academy missing off Best Screenplay, and Samuel L. Jackson’s powerhouse display are travesties.

As well as being very much back in the saddle cinema-wise, there’s been some Blu Rays too.

The bass on Everest is obscene, and I think it’s my most underrated film of 2015.

The Visit is a brilliant return to form for M. Night. It’s quirky, unsettling and worth a… Visit.

Which is more than I can say for Green Inferno (Shit!). And Ghost Dimension. (Shit!)

Straight Outta Compton, though… I missed it at the cinema (I know. What a racist). It blew me away.O’Shea Jackson Jnr has definitely been robbed. So has F Gary Gray. The Screenwriters? Less so… But they’re white. Which is awkward.

I’m skirting in and out of #OscarSoWhite, but I’m not really sure what to add.

Is it right Will Smith skips it for not getting nommed? Has anyone even seen Concussion yet?

And Jada Pinkett? She should be apologising to all of us for Magic Mike XXL, in my opinion. You haven’t had a ‘date night’ until your wife says you can’t watch D’jango in 200″, as she’s booked the projector for some Tay-Tay. FML.


Creed? Solid. Michael B. Jordan? Robbed. Coogler? Sensational. And robbed? Stallone? Surprisingly not. And I’ll be rooting for him. Balboa hit me hard, emotionally. I didn’t think I’d get to see Rocky again, but what they’ve done is brilliant.

The “I don’t want to be a mistake line” broke me. Screenplay? Robbed.

Revenant, Hateful Eight, Creed. That’s not a bad start, is it? Let’s see what Feb brings……



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