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Hovering Blade – Watch the trailer for the new revenge thriller

“If a teenager who has committed a heinous crime can be given a second chance to reform, then how can my deceased child be saved?” Starring the incredible talents of both Qianyuan Wang and Jingchun Wang, Hovering Blade dives deep into the heart of moral dilemmas as well as the fight against juvenile crime. The single father Li Chang Feng (Jingchun Wang) has resolutely embarked upon the road of revenge after his daughter was sexually abused and killed by several minors.

Hovering Blade (彷徨之刃) is directed by Zhuo Chen (Song of Silence) and stars Xi Qi, Jingchun Wang, Qianyuan Wang, Youhao Zhang, Shuang Wu, and Alan Aruna.

The film has already opened in China. It opens in select cinemas in the UK, US and beyond on 7th June 2024.

Thanks to Firstshowing for spotting the trailer.

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