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The Worlds Divide – Watch the trailer for the new animated movie

Starting in a dystopian, futuristic, war-ridden Earth. One day, war hits too close to home and Terric sends both the children through a portal to another world: Esluna. Natomi awakens in a lush grassy field with blue skies, a stark contrast to the world she left behind. Her awe of this new world is soon cut short as a tyrannical princess, Idena, attempts to capture & kill her. Now on the run, the layers of this new world are soon peeled back as Natomi discovers that her father is seen as a god here – and the people want him to bring balance & peace to Esluna. Natomi makes it her mission to get her father back to Esluna with the help of a ragtag group of new friends: a gruff cybernetic bear, Miito, a smart mouthed pilot, Roko, and a mysterious old criminal, Bataar (who wields the same psychokinetic abilities as Natomi).

You can check out a couple of teaser trailers (thanks to Firstshowing) below.

The film features the voices of Breanna Pearl, Phillip Sacramento, Max Lindsey, Andrew Lander, & Chelsea Krause.

The Worlds Divide is written, directed and animated by Denver Jackson.

Check out the official site.

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