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Robin and the Hoods – The new family film gets a trailer

Robin and the Hoods stars Naomie Harris, Gwendoline Christie and Mark Williams (Harry Potter, Golden Years) along with Darcey Ewart (Prancer: A Christmas Tale, To Olivia).

For the tenacious 11-year-old Robin (Ewart) and her loyal band of friends ‘The Hoods’, the patch of overgrown scrubland at the end of their cul-de-sac is a magical kingdom. Sticks and bin lids have become swords and shields, drones have become majestic eagles and the hippy lady in the forest (Christie) is a terrifying witch. The only thing limiting their colourful imagination is the prospect of losing their kingdom forever. When the slippery property developer Clipboard (Harris) turns up and dazzles the parents of the area with promises of health spas and day-care facilities, Robin and The Hoods’ world is faced with an existential threat. Despite the children’s best efforts, their protests fall on deaf ears. When their parents can’t see the wood for the trees, Robin and her friends take matters into their own hands to defend their kingdom.

Robin and the Hood is directed by Phil Hawkins (Prancer: A Christmas Tale) and written by Stuart Benson and Paul Davidson, with the script first optioned by Silver Reel in 2021. The film is produced by Silver Reel’s Claudia Bluemhuber and Future Artists Entertainment’s Matt Williams. Alexander Jooss, Florian Dargel and Karol Griffiths (Silver Reel) and Julia Stuart, Andrew Orr (Sky) will executive produce.

The film is due out this summer.

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