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Dennis Quaid is Ronald Reagan in the trailer for the new biopic

From dusty small-town roots, to the glitter of Hollywood, and then on to commanding the world stage, REAGAN is a cinematic journey of overcoming the odds. Told through the voice of Viktor Petrovich, a former KGB agent who followed Reagan’s ascent, REAGAN captures the indomitable spirit of the American dream. Starring Dennis Quaid, prepare to be moved and inspired as REAGAN comes to life.

“I’ve always been told bits and pieces of the stories of Ronald Reagan’s life, but this movie puts the whole story together,” noted Quaid. “I’ve played quite a few real people over the years, and I like to play them from their point of view, without judgment. It was a big challenge for me to get behind the public persona of the man and also to move beyond my own feelings of admiration for him.”

The film stars Dennis Quaid, Penelope Ann Miller, Jon Voight, Mena Suvari, Kevin Dillon, C. Thomas Howell, Robert Davi, Xander Berkeley, Justin Chatwin, Lesley-Anne Down, Nick Searcy, Dan Lauria, Mark Moses, and Aleksander Krupa.

Directed by veteran filmmaker Sean McNamara (Soul Surfer, Miracle Season), REAGAN serves as the debut release from the recently launched studio, Showbiz Direct, led by former exhibition veteran Kevin Mitchell, former Lionsgate distribution president Richie Fay, and former co-president of Open Road distribution Scott Kennedy.

Check out the official site.

Reagan hits US cinemas on 10th August 2024.

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