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Cool Short – SCP: There Is No Antimemetics Division – Episode 1

Dive into the gripping SCP universe with our first episode of ‘There Is No Antimemetics Division,’ where Marion Wheeler and Junior Researcher Kim confront the unseen horrors that lurk within the shadows of the Foundation. Discover the chilling reality of antimemetic entities as our heroes battle against the odds to protect the fabric of reality itself. From the mysterious corridors of Site 200 to the deceptive calm of Site 41, this episode is a thrilling blend of suspense, mystery, and the unyielding quest for knowledge in the face of the unknowable. Join us as we unravel the secrets hidden from the world, proving that sometimes the greatest dangers are those we cannot see.

Uncover the secrets of the SCP universe in ‘There Is No Antimemetics Division,’ a gripping 4-part series.

Written and directed by Andrea Joshua Asnicar.

Based on There Is No Antimemetics Division by qntm.

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