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"No matter where you go, there you are."


Watch Tom Felton, Ashley Greene and Amanda Crew in the Some Other Woman trailer

Live your best life, or someone else will in this seductive erotic thriller. Eve was promised a few months on a tropical island for her husband’s work, but years later, unable to build the family they wanted, she has given up on any of her own desires. As the island fever grows stronger, reality unravels around Eve as a mysterious woman begins taking over her life piece by piece.

Starring Tom Felton (Harry Potter), Ashley Greene (Twilight), Amanda Crew (Final Destination 3), Some Other Woman is written by Josh Long (The Love Witch), Angela Gulner (Binge) and Yuri Baranovsky (How She Caught a Killer) and directed by Joel David Moore (Youth in Oregon).

Signature Entertainment presents Some Other Woman on Digital Platforms 12th February.

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