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Doctor Jekyll – Eddie Izzard stars in the Hammer Films reimagining of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic horror

Hammer Films has announced that their upcoming horror thriller Doctor Jekyll will be available exclusively in the UK on Digital Download from 11th March.

An isolated mansion, a mysterious locked room, creepy corridors, a dusty cellar and a mad doctor… Hammer Horror is back! Dive into the haunting and enigmatic world of Doctor Jekyll.

Starring the incomparable Eddie Izzard in a role like you’ve never seen before. A fresh, horror-filled take on a timeless tale, this adaptation promises to send shivers down your spine.

Adapted from Robert Louis Stevenson’s 1886 novel, Doctor Jekyll is directed by Joe Stephenson (Chicken, McKellen: Playing The Part), and also stars Scott Chambers and Simon Callow, as well as Lindsay Duncan, Jonathan Hyde, Morgan Watkins and Robyn Cara.

“In a year that marks a monumental milestone for Hammer Films, our 90th anniversary, we are proud to present ‘Doctor Jekyll’. This release is not just a new chapter in our storied history but a celebration of Hammer’s enduring legacy in horror cinema. Featuring the incredibly talented Eddie Izzard, under the skilled direction of Joe Stephenson, ‘Doctor Jekyll’ is a film that captures the essence of what has made Hammer a household name in horror. As we honour our past, we are also paving the way for a future filled with innovative and spine-tingling storytelling. We’re excited for audiences to dive into this haunting adaptation, available on digital platforms from 11th March, and join us in celebrating a year of landmark significance for Hammer Films.” Hammer Films COO, Jonathan Lack.

Director Joe Stephenson commented “With ‘Doctor Jekyll’, I wanted to make a film that honours what has been before and doesn’t get made anymore, and still gives something fresh and unique to a 100-year-old, often told, story. Our film, with its mystery narrative and purposeful melodrama, led by the incomparable Eddie Izzard and brilliant Scott Chambers, is designed to be surprising from the off. Hammer Films has always been synonymous with boundary-pushing horror, and with ‘Doctor Jekyll’ we wanted to honour that tradition but simultaneously take the structure, humour and horror styles of what people remember and love and bring them back for new audiences to discover. I’m excited for genre fans to discover our adaptation, and hopefully be drawn into the world we have created and go along for the ride!”

Doctor Jekyll will be available on Digital Download from 11th March.

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