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Our Kid – Watch the trailer for the new British indie comedy drama

New comedy-drama film Our Kid shares the story of a working-class family learning to deal with adversity through humour and community. Our Kid, which premiered as part of the Raindance Film Festival, is based on the multi-award-winning short: ‘THOMAS’ by Daniel P. Lewis. The film is written by Daniel P. Lewis and is directed by veteran ‘bad guy’ actor Sean Cronin.

Our Kid features an all-star British cast including Connor McIntyre (Coronation Street), John McArdle (Brookside), Mark Moraghan (Holby City), Leanne Best (Tin Star, Young Wallander, Bolan’s Shoes, Carnival Row, Compulsion), Ricky Tomlinson (The Royle Family, The Brothers Grimsby), Louis Emerick (Layer Cake), Angela Dixon (Never Let Go), Daniel P. Lewis (Billy Smith), Sharon Byatt (Bread) and 14-year-old Poppie Jae-Hughes, as the young female lead.

The story is told through the eyes and imagination of twelve-year-old Laura Reilly (Poppie Jae-Hughes), whose only goal in life is to one day play football professionally. Although Laura has many footballing heroes, her older brother Thomas has won her ultimate admiration – with his quest to raise money for charity through a sponsored bike ride while overcoming the challenges he will face from his Cerebral Palsy. Family and friends pull together to help Thomas overcome adversity and show the community what determination and perseverance can achieve.

Mum Tracey (Sharon Byatt) is the full-time carer for Thomas and the head of the family. Dad, John (Connor), is best described as a “cowboy builder”, and Grandad, Allan (John McArdle), a cab driver who only communicates through ‘dad jokes’. Together, they all share a tragedy, and through arguments, grieving, and eventually understanding, it strengthens their bonds and brings the family closer together.

Our Kid is an endearing and powerful comedy-drama, a slice-of-life approach to storytelling that promises to take viewers on an emotional roller-coaster—a must-watch for fans of British independent film.

The Our Kid Liverpool Premiere Screening will be at the Plaza, Liverpool on 8th November (tickets HERE) with a further screening at the Birmingham Film Festival on 18th November (tickets HERE).

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