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Gravitas Ventures picks up worldwide rights to 15 Cameras

Gravitas Ventures, an Anthem Sports & Entertainment Company, has acquired worldwide rights to Danny Madden’s 15 Cameras from 30 Bones Cinema & Hood River Entertainment. 15 CAMERAS is written by PJ McCabe, stars Will Madden, Angela Wong Carbone, Hilty Bowen, James Babson, Shirley Chen, Hannah Mckechnie, Skyler Bible, Courtney Dietz, Erik Leupp, Donna Allen, Brianne Moncrief, Jim Cummings, Stephen Ruffin and will release on VOD October 13th and have a Los Angeles theatrical release.

Produced by Field Trip Media’s Eli Raskin, Nance Messineo, Casey Bader and Executive Produced by Victor Zarcoff, Kevin McManus, Matthew McManus, Andrew van den Houten, and Jordan Rudman. Gravitas Ventures has released the film’s predecessors and fan favorites 13 CAMERAS and 14 CAMERAS.

When Cam and Sky bought their duplex, it seemed like the perfect investment opportunity for the young couple; a starter home, a mortgage offset by renters, and even a guest room for Sky’s sister, Carolyn. But as Sky and Cam slowly uncover hidden cameras and secrets of the duplex’s previous owner, obsession consumes their marriage and they both fall into destructive forms of voyeurism. When new tenants move in downstairs, their fixation with observing others has deadly consequences and they are forced to confront the very things they have been consumed by.

“15 CAMERAS is a standalone story, so having seen the other two films is not prerequisite. Fans will be excited about some key characters returning, but we’re hoping newcomers will be just as into it. With this film, we wanted to have some fun with themes established in the first films but also weave it into our current climate of true crime obsession and play on the screen voyeurism we’re all taking part in daily. It’s meant to be a fun 89 minutes, so you can laugh and cringe and eat popcorn,” said director Danny Madden.

“Working with Gravitas Ventures for more than a decade on dozens of films, there is no other movie that I am more excited about than another chapter in the Cameras Franchise. Danny’s vision aligned so strongly with the fabric of the franchise, he couldn’t have created a more fresh, yet connected and disturbing chapter in this body of work. Together with Bill and the entire Gravitas team we are certainly creating a unique and special release for the movie. I believe new and old horror fans familiar with these films will be very happy and disturbed by the latest installment,” said Executive Producer and Sales Representative Andrew van den Houten.

“Gravitas is excited to be bringing 15 Cameras, the third installment of the Cameras series, to worldwide audiences this October by continuing our strong partnership with Hood River Entertainment and the producing duo McManus Brothers. Under the direction of the acclaimed Danny Madden, we know that viewers will be as frightened and thrilled as they were with 13 & 14 Cameras, and hope they revisit and rediscover them as well,” stated Bill Guentzler, Gravitas Ventures’ VP of Acquisitions.

Gravitas Ventures’ VP of Acquisitions, Bill Guentzler negotiated the deal with Andrew van den Houten of 79th & Broadway Entertainment.

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