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"No matter where you go, there you are."


Appendage – Watch the trailer for the new psychological horror film

Hannah (Hadley Robinson), a young fashion designer, seems fine on the surface, but secretly struggles with debilitating self-doubt. Soon these buried feelings begin to make Hannah physically sick and sprout into a ferocious growth on her body: The Appendage. As Hannah’s health declines, THE APPENDAGE begins to fuel her anxieties — her perceived lack of talent at work, her deteriorating relationships with her boyfriend and best friend, and her parents’ lack of love and understanding. At her breaking point, Hannah makes a shocking discovery — there are others out there like her.

Appendage is from writer-director Anna Zlokovic, based on her 2021 short film of the same name. It stars Hadley Robinson, Kausar Mohammed, Emily Hampshire, and Brandon Mychal Smith.

Appendage hits Hulu on 2nd October 2023.

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