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Tech Review: Beats Studio Pro

Beats has a new headphones product out, and you might expect it to be absolutely top of the line and as high quality as you can get. You would be right in some respects, but in others, this is a product that may let you down. We will explain in depth as we get into this review, and we want you to see the pros and cons of Beats Studio Pro so you can decide for yourself if they are worth the cash. 

You know when you get a Beats headphones that the sound quality will be top-notch. This new release does not let us down in that regard. It is definitely offering the highest-quality audio fidelity. You really cannot top the sound output. Where it falls short is in a few quality-of-life features and in some of the settings. We were kind of shocked that this is not a fully featured headphones release, especially for Apple users, who it comes up especially short for. 

The big draws for this Beats product is the look, audio quality, and the features it offers. These are seriously stylish-looking headphones with some high-quality functions and a good overall design. You won’t look dated with these on, and you won’t feel like you have a dated product either. The specs are nothing to sneeze at, with 40 mm drivers and a battery life of up to 40 hours. The battery life is much shorter if you have ANC enabled, which limits the lifespan to about 24 hours, which is still decent for high-end headphones. 

These weigh 260 grams and have a noise cancellation design for the best audio experience. They are not waterproof, though, so be careful with them. The headphones offer Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity as well as support for USB-C. On the downside, there is no multipoint support for iOS products. That’s bad news for Apple product users who are going to have some minor issues with the headphones. 

Another drawback with these Beats is that they do not include wear detection. That’s no issue for people who are not used to using high end headphones, but wear detection is pretty standard among similar products. What this means is that if you take the headphones off, the device will not detect that action and will not change the audio channel automatically for you. Wear detection is a nice feature to have, and regular Beats users will probably miss it with this release. 

Some users complain of a tight fit as well, with the Beats Studio Pro being slightly smaller and lighter than its previous versions. A final drawback we want to mention is the lack of some features in the settings menu.

They are very accessible, though, with a quick setup time. You can use them right out of the box, without the need to adjust settings, and doing that still gives you great audio quality. If you play around with the settings, you may find a few absences compared to previous Beat products, but most people likely won’t care very much. The headphones do not auto pause, and you will not be able to connect them to multiple devices at the same time. They do not include an H1 or H2 chip inside either, which comes with its own drawbacks. Other than these minor issues, though, there is nothing negative to speak about with these headphones. In every other way, this is your standard, stellar Beats product. 

These sleek headphones come in a beautiful case and retail at $349 in the United States. If you feel like too many features are missing, you could always go with an older Beats product and have money left over for professional cleaning services such as Cleaning Service by Imagine or a grocery run. It’s worth considering in these days of penny pinching habits that many of us tend to have.

Like most Beats products, they are pleasingly hefty to give them that heavy-duty, high quality feel. The bass is impressive, with strong sounds that make them perfect for getting your heart pumping and your pulse pounding. They are ideal for workouts and moving around in your daily routine, as they won’t easily fall off your head and will provide you with incredible sound that pulls you into whatever you are listening to. You know that’s what people expect from a Beats product, and the Studio Pro doesn’t disappoint with that kind of experience. 

They compare reasonably well to the Sony WH-1000XM5, if you are looking for a similar product to weigh them against. The price points and feature lists are close, and you may find the Sony counterpart has a bit more to offer. If you are a die-hard Beats fan, though, you can’t go too wrong with these. You might be miffed about some missing features that you feel should have been standard at this point. We are right there with you. This release is a little disappointing, but it is still better than most of the headphones on the market.

If you are looking for something that you can use quickly and easily without having to adjust a bunch of settings, then by all means go for this one. You won’t be too disappointed with its out-of-the-box capabilities. Once you start to play around with some of the settings, you may find that it is lacking in a few small areas. Headphone purists and Beats fans are likely to be the most disappointed by these, but the casual headphone users should not mind very much. 

The lossless audio is great, but the way, in case you were wondering, but the lack of ANC and transparency mode working side by side is a little off-putting. This is one product that does some great things while letting the fans down at the same time. It’s something you may have a love/hate relationship with, but it is still a good quality product in the end. We hope this review helps you make a more informed purchase and avoid buying something that could disappoint you. 




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