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Voices from Atlantic City Series Review

Voices of Atlantic City is an enthralling series about how Atlantic City, New Jersey went from a gambler’s paradise to losing almost everything. New Jersey boasts the most reliable online gambling revenue lifeline countrywide. The state has spearheaded the legalization of the activity since 2013 and now has plenty of gaming sites for Garden State players to visit. Here is an online casino list NJ of the most reputable ones to consider.

With the massive success of NJ online casinos, it is difficult to reconcile with the decline of Atlantic City, Garden State’s leading land-based gambling destination. Produced by Cameron Hickey, Lauren Feeney, John Servidio, and others, the Voices of Atlantic City series traces the casino-entertainment history of Atlantic City through the eyes of local stakeholders, including cocktail waitresses, dealers, construction workers, hairdressers, and others. The series shares this perspective in five parts, from the rise of the niche in the 1970s and 80s, the impact of its decline, and the prospects of today and the future.

The Promise

Part 1 of the Voices from Atlantic City series showcases heady optimism as the metropolis pioneered the idea of casino entertainment to give its depressed urban community a facelift. In the 1970s, Atlantic City was in a trying and steadily declining economic era. The thought of casino gaming came on the table as a way to pump back excitement into what was once a thriving tourist destination. In November 1976, NJ residents voted in favor of legalized Atlantic City gambling. Two years later, Resorts International opened the first land-based casino in the state.

The Heyday

Part 2 explores Atlantic City in the 1980s, a turnaround for the city where opportunities seemed limitless. The Boardwalk was as close to Vegas and Hollywood as you could get on the east coast. This era of glitz and glam was courtesy of legendary destinations like:

  • The Brighton (Now the Sands Hotel & Casino)
  • Harrah’s Casino Hotel
  • Golden Nugget at Boston Avenue
  • Tropicana Atlantic City
  • Showboat Casino Hotel
  • The Trump Taj Mahal
  • Playboy Hotel & Casino
  • Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa

The Decline

By 2014, the gambling sector in Atlantic City had been brought to its knees by several factors, the main ones being:

  • Casinos were popping up in other states and localities. It became fewer and fewer miles to drive to a casino, stripping Atlantic City of its east coast monopoly.
  • The financial crisis of 2008 – 2009 delivered three heavy punches: the great recession, market saturation and competition elsewhere, and Super Storm Sandy, which shut down casinos for at least a week.

The Revel opening in April 2012 seemed like a silver lining, but it was soon closed in September 2014. Trump Plaza, Atlantic Club, and Showboat shut down the same year. More than 8,000 employees lost their jobs due to the big industry exit. Trump Taj Mahal closed its doors in August 2016, causing another 3,000 workers to lose their jobs.

The Aftermath

Part 4 follows the population affected by the closure of Atlantic City resorts. Many turned to community programs, food banks, unemployment funds, and sales to stay afloat. Due to the economic devastation of the casino exodus, Atlantic County ranked first in the country for foreclosures.

The Future

The Voices of Atlantic City series ends as the summer of 2016 approaches. Trump Taj Mahal workers went on strike to salvage what was left of the destination’s heydays. However, it was also shut down at the end of the summer.

Atlantic City still holds the potential to be a vibrant and entertaining gambling destination. The Trump Taj Mahal has since reopened as Hard Rock Casino and Revel Entertainment as Ocean Casino Resort. Others, like Borgata, have only gotten bigger and better with time. The city is working toward drawing year-round crowds, maintaining steady businesses, and creating more job opportunities at the Boardwalk.



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