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Slotherhouse – The Killer Sloth movie gets a poster

Well, the march of killer animal movies continues and this time it is a Sloth of all things, killing college students in Slotherhouse.

How scary will a slow moving sloth be? Looks like we are going to find out!

Slotherhouse tells the story of college senior Emily Young, who aims to be voted president of her sorority. When she adopts an adorable sloth, she realizes the animal can serve as the house’s new mascot and help her win votes, dubbing the animal Alpha. The new pet is a beloved addition to the sorority house until a series of deaths point toward the sloth as the prime murder suspect. The film becomes a survival story of sisters versus sloth as the girls wonder if they can make it out of Sigma Lambda Theta alive.

The film stars Lisa Ambalavanar, Sydney Craven, Olivia Rouyre, Kelly Lynn Reiter, Bianca Beckles-Rose, Andrew Horton, Sutter Nolan, Grace Patterson, Milica Vrzić, Annamaria Serda, Rudi Rok, Tiff Stevenson and Stefan Kapičić.

Gravitas Ventures has acquired the rights to the film, which is directed by Matthew Goodhue.

Slotherhouse is produced by Cady Lanigan, Bradley Fowler, Mark David, Dan Lanigan, Patrick D. Gillespie, Jason Sada, David Albert Pierce, Michael J. Weiss, Milan Todorović, Ryan Gibson, Joe Price, Matthew Goodhue, Jason C. Henry, and Victoria Matlock Fowler.

“‘Slotherhouse’ was inspired by iconic cinema with a dedication to practical effects. It’s an homage to our favorite creature features and slashers with a FURocious horror icon for the modern world. ‘Slotherhouse’ is simply bonkers” said Lanigan.

“’Slotherhouse’ is a movie that embodies the reckless abandon genre films can bring to the table. It scratches the sloth itch we didn’t know we had! Our team is thrilled to work on a project that really goes for it, claws and all,” said Nick Royak of Iconic Events Releasing.

Alongside Iconic Events Releasing, the film will hit US cinemas on 30th August 2023.

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