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Following Harry – Watch a new clip from the Harry Belafonte documentary

Paula Weinstein, Chief Content Officer of Tribeca Enterprises surprised a packed house at Tribeca Festival’s annual Harry Belafonte Voices for Social Justice Award presentation with a special, never before seen, extended sneak peek of Harry Belafonte’s upcoming documentary Following Harry from director Susanne Rostock (Sing Your Song).

Grammy Award winning artist and activist Alicia Keys presented the social justice award to Jane Fonda at this year’s ceremony, held at Indeed Theater at Spring Studios, and hosted by Tribeca Festival. The event concluded with the extraordinary and moving 4 minutes of footage from work that Belafonte hoped would inspire the next generation of activists.

Over the last 12 years of his life, Harry Belafonte collaborated with director Susanne Rostock to create a documentary to tell the story of his thoughtful and deliberate mission to transition his knowledge gained through experience to inspire as many artists, activists, and young leaders as possible. This clip is the prologue to that film and the audience was incredibly moved by the viewing, and the realization that the final chapter of Harry Belafonte’s life has been captured in such an authentic and powerful form. Following Harry is currently in post-production.

Following Harry, currently in post-production, is a feature documentary that shares the lived experience of Harry Belafonte, in the most public of places and the most intimate confines of his private life. The film unfolds like a poem, allowing audiences to experience the effect that the social justice icon has purposefully, and unintentionally, created. From Ferguson to Fruitland Park, and Ossining to Ghana, even in Harry’s kitchen in New York City, the life’s work of this cultural and civil rights icon is explored.

Directed by Susanne Rostock.

Director of Photography Martina Radwan.

Produced by Frankie Nasso, Susanne Rostock, and Julius R. Nasso.

Executive Producers Harry Belafonte, Pamela Belafonte, Jeff Kranzdorf, and Edward Zeng.

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