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Small, Slow But Steady – Watch the trailer for the Japanese Boxing Drama

Inspired by the autobiographical book “Makenaide!” by Keiko Ogasawara, the first hearing-impaired professional woman boxer, Small, Slow But Steady is a moving character study powered by an unforgettable performance from rising star Yukino Kishii.

Keiko is a young pro boxer with a hearing impairment. Although boxing is a real challenge for her, the club she belongs to is like a second home. After surprising everyone by winning her first two professional fights, she soon learns that the club chairman, the only person who had believed in her as a boxer, is plagued by health issues and the gym is about to shut its doors for good. Confused about what the future holds, Keiko prepares for her third professional bout but perhaps the biggest challenge she faces is trying to understand the true nature of her will to fight.

Small, Slow But Steady is a one-of-a-kind sports film with a raw and vulnerable performance from its lead. Shot on 16mm, Small, Slow But Steady is directed by Shô Miyake (And Your Bird Can Sing) and stars Yukino Kishii as Keiko Ogasawara.

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