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Watch the teaser for George A. Romero’s Resident Evil: A Documentary

The first teaser for a new documentary about George A. Romero’s (The Night of the Living Dead) canceled Resident Evil film was been released.

The director was working on the project in the late 90s for Constantin Films, with the help of producer Peter Grunwald. Romero’s script was to have “a lot of action [and be] visually like Dawn of the Dead. “¬†However, while praised by producer Robert Kulzer, Berndt Eichinger was not willing to finance a film that could not be shown in cinemas or on television in its home country due to the violent content.

A documentary that brings to light the vision that director George A. Romero had for an adaptation of Resident Evil, using newly filmed interviews with those who were there, and unravels the secrets behind why it was never produced.

Constantin Films decided not to go with Romero and ended up going with Paul W. S. Anderson’s version in 2002’s Resident Evil. However, an early draft of Romero’s script is online.

This new documentary is directed by the filmmaker Brandon Salisbury, with the assistance of Romero’s assistant Jason Bareford. In an excellent touch, the documentary was filmed in an abandoned mansion designed to look like the Spencer Mansion.

The film is due out in 2024.

While we never got a Romero-directed Resident Evil movie, he did direct this advert for Resident Evil 2.

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