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Much Ado – Watch the trailer for the new film from The Shakespeare Sisters

The Shakespeare Sisters have shared the latest trailer for their new drama Much Ado ahead of the digital download release on 24th April.

Hero and Beatrice are cousins and best friends, who have very different approaches to love. Beatrice, burned once, is fiercely avoiding her arrogant ex-boyfriend Benedick and has sworn off men in general. Hero, a true romantic, is deeply in love with Benedick’s friend Claudio, but too shy to say it. When they get trapped in a house with the entire boy’s rugby team, they’ll be forced to face the questions they’d been avoiding.

Directed by Hillary & Anna-Elizabeth Shakespeare, MUCH ADO celebrated its gala screening at London’s Prince Charles cinema on 25th February.

Using the original dialogue, the Shakespeare Sisters set the classic story in a modern house party.

Excited about the upcoming release Directors Hillary and Anna-Elizabeth Shakespeare said “We’re really excited to release this film and can’t wait to take ‘Much Ado’ around the U.K. from screens in London, starting at The Prince Charles, to Suffolk where the film was shot, to a special event in Shakespeare’s Stratford! Our take was to focus the story on Beatrice and Hero’s perspective especially, and tell it from a coming of age perspective, where the characters are all university students at a house party. It was really fun working with such a young cast and finding a new way to tell our beloved classic.”

MUCH ADO will be available on Digital Download from 24th April!

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