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Review – John Wick: Chapter 4 – “Dazzling”

John Wick returns in his fourth film. This time he leaves the city of New York to go on a world tour killing spree. It’s a step up for the character, played by the lovable Keanu Reeves, who maintains the determined and skilled composure from the last 3 films. Anyone who has seen the last 3 films, simply must watch this one.

As a recap, John Wick has been fighting the underworld in an escalating game of tit for tat. He’s now decided that the only way to win is to go after those at the top of the criminal underworld- the high table. John is presumed dead at the end of the last film, so he could easily live a life in obscurity but he wants revenge and the fans want to see him kick ass.

The first film really grew among audiences from word-of-mouth about the stylish and ultraviolent fights John Wick gets into. Which were always grounded in reality. Keanu Reeves relies on Judo rather than Kung Fu to overpower his opponents, a reflection of his age rather than skill. This continues in John Wick 4, however, the best stunt choreography is saved for last. Specifically, the last hour, which is dazzling and reaches the same entertaining heights as John Wick 1 and the first half of John Wick 3.

Samurai swords, guns, bows, knives and more guns are all on display across nearly 3 hours of mayhem. Fans will expect nothing less from the franchise, however, there is an issue with pacing in the first hour of the film before it finds its groove.

Like previous films, we are indulged with a supporting character who threatens to overshadow Keanu Reeves. This time it is Donnie Yen, who is hired to kill John Wick in return for his freedom. There’s a theme around mirroring John Wick’s journey so far. Donnie Yen is a John Wick who is beholden to the system, while the Tracker (Shamier Anderson) is a John Wick that is just as skilled and in love with his dog.

Skipping across continents from Tokyo to Paris, the High Table pursues John via the Marquis (Bill SkarsgĂ„rd). A greedy, stylish and serious man who wants to achieve what no one else has – kill John Wick. He’s a goofy villain compared to previous antagonists but it fits this film. There’s a point where the film feels more fantastical than it should – the bulletproof suits behave more like magic than anything. However the director Chad Stahelski knows what the fans want and he delivers it in spades, lots of action to look cool doing it.

John Wick: Chapter 4 is in cinemas today.

Poster illustration by Matt Taylor

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