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Les Indépendants – A new biopic based on Impressionist painter Mary Cassatt in development

onphaya has secured the feature film rights for Les Indépendants, an original script based on the life of American-born Impressionist painter Mary Cassatt and her relationship with Edgar Degas.

Award-winning French filmmaker Anaïs Tellenne (From the Big Fire Only the Embers Remain, June 19, Sick Birds) has been attached to direct. Diah Wymont, inspired by the story of Cassatt forging her own path in the 19th century art world, makes her screenwriting debut after a long career as a costume designer.

La Belle Époque. A time of great change and social upheaval and the rise of the Impressionist movement. Mary Cassatt is a young woman with talent and an adventurous spirit, striving to make it in Paris as a painter. She confronts chauvinism, elitism, art world misogyny, and the ravages of war. She falls in love with renowned artist Edgar Degas. Their love and talent challenge the establishment as their fame grows. But Mary’s dream comes at a price – she must choose between Degas’ love and being true to her own artistic soul.

Anaïs Tellenne by Bjoern Kommerrell

On boarding the production, Tellenne said, “You are not a Woman who is an artist, you are an artist who is a Woman. There are no better words than this line written by Diah to express what “The Independents” promises to be. Cassatt’s journey is that of a woman who chose, at a time when almost everything was chosen for women. Her courage, freedom and determination are absolutely modern. I can’t wait to share her emancipatory path so that it can join those of all those who continue to inspire us today.”

The film is a collaboration between onphaya and Radar Pictures. Rick Selvage and Peta Johnson will produce for onphaya. Ted Field and Michael Napoliello will produce for Radar. Rick Selvage and Ted Field are currently teamed as executive producers on the production of the epic “Wheel of Time” Amazon Prime television series, and the announced upcoming Wheel of Time feature film trilogy, “The Age of Legends.”

onphaya is led by Rick Selvage, a senior entertainment, media and technology executive. The LA-based company, along with iwot productions, are focused on developing, producing and delivering global brands and market driven stories through immersive entertainment experiences on major consumer platforms to international audiences.

Radar Pictures is an independent development company that leverages high-profile IP to produce motion pictures and television for the global marketplace. Radar was founded by Ted Field, whose 30 years in the film industry have led to worldwide box office grosses topping $10 billion. Field has produced more than 60 films, including the Jumanji franchise, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and Ferngully.

Radar Pictures is repped by Buchwald.

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