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Watch the trailer for Alfonso Quijada’s The Whisper of Silence

The Whisper of Silence (El Suspiro del Silencio) is the story of Josefina Moreno (Laura Osma), a coffee picker with a unique sense of smell and ambitions to follow her passion and become a coffee taster.

Despite being traumatised and living in fear following a violent incident in her recent past, the young woman begins to learn all about the coffee-tasting craft with the help of her godmother (a retired taster) who has taken in Josefina and her brother, Alfredo, after the death of their mother. But with Alfredo having given up school and falling in with two local hoodlums, trouble arises when the trio devise a plan to rob a mansion, and their reckless actions may put an end to Josefina’s dreams…

Shot on location in the mountains of El Salvador, and the first film from the country to receive a general release in the UK, The Whisper of Silence is the directorial debut of award-winning producer, writer and director Alfonso Quijada. The film won Best Actress and Best Film in Central America EICE (The Audience Award) at Icaro International Film Festival in Central America.

Bulldog Film Distribution presents The Whisper of Silence on digital HD 27 March.

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