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John Cleese will star in a Fawlty Towers sequel with his daughter Camilla Cleese

Fawlty Towers is the classic 70s British sitcom that was written by John Cleese and Connie Booth. There were two series of six episodes each and that was all we got.

Until now.

A new series is in the works which is being developed by Rob Reiner’s Castle Rock Entertainment. Cleese is writing the show and will star alongside his daughter Camilla Cleese.

The new series will explore how Cleese’s over-the-top, cynical and misanthropic Basil Fawlty navigates the modern world. Plot details are largely being kept under wraps but the development will bring the story forward to explore Basil’s relationship with a daughter he has just discovered he had, as the pair tempt fate and team up to run a boutique hotel.

According to Deadline, Reiner, Michele Reiner, Derrick Rossi and Matthew George are exec producing the show Cleese said the first meeting was “one of the best creative sessions I can remember.”

Rob Reiner added “John Cleese is a comedy legend. Just the idea of working with him makes me laugh,” while George described meeting John and Camilla Cleese as “one of the great thrills of my life.

I really do not know what to think about this. I do love Fawlty Towers and always liked how it was twelve episodes and then it was done. Go out on a high is usually the best way to go in entertainment.

The fact Cleese is heavily involved is a good sign and Reiner has done great things.

I can see it going either way – totally brilliant or an absolute embarrassment. I do hope it is the former.

How do you feel about the news?

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