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Destiny 2: What activities to do if you have a high level

After defeating Red Legion and eliminating Dominus Ghaul, many Destiny 2 players begin to wonder: what to do next? After all, it would seem that all the main and most interesting tasks have been completed, and further existence in the video game is pointless. But this is by no means the case. The stronger the Guardian becomes, the more difficult the challenges available to him become. And the reward for their successful implementation is appropriate. In addition to the legendary equipment, lucky players who have crossed the threshold of the 20th level can get very exotic and unexpected items here.

Of course, firstly, you need to make a lot of effort to reach the desired level. If it becomes too complicated for players, then they use destiny 2 boosting, where professional players help them upgrade their account, complete difficult missions and participate in various activities. This saves a lot of time and effort for the players.

In this article, we will talk about what to do at a high level in Destiny 2.


It is the most obvious thing that comes to mind for high-level players. And in fact, this activity will not only be useful but also bring a lot of pleasure. The raids are a local analog of the instances traditionally present in almost every modern MMO.

The raids in Destiny 2 are designed for a joint passage by a team of three people, and have their plot, justifying a set of goals, tactical features, and mechanics. In such tests, not only shooting accuracy is important, but also well-coordinated team interaction. In the end, the subjects will fight with the boss, and it is necessary to kill him as quickly as possible. After all, the longer the fight goes on, the stronger the opponent becomes. For the victory, the heroes receive a chest with equipment, which will contain at least one item.

Daily tasks

Another good way to have fun is with benefits. Every day in Destiny 2, three random tasks are generated, and they can only be completed in the raids described above. Tasks can be very different: killing a certain number of enemies, performing a continuous series of murders, inflicting certain elemental damage, and so on.

For completing daily tasks in Destiny 2, gamers receive engrams, inside which various useful items are hidden, often quite rare and valuable. By the way, the same engrams can be randomly obtained from killed enemies during the passage of raids.

Twilight raids

It is a complicated version of the usual raids, available once a week only to the strongest and bravest of the heroes. The enemies here are several times stronger, plus random modifiers are included each time, changing the conditions of the game.

Preparing for the passage of this test should be done with all foresight, having selected the appropriate armor, weapons, and skills in advance.

The Crucible

These are PVP battles in 4×4 format. The more successful the player’s actions are and the more benefit he has brought to his team, the higher the chance that a decent loot will fall out at the end of the match. Also, for battles in the Crucible, players receive reputation points that affect the receipt of rewards. So in any case, the participants of such battles are the winners.

If you are tired of PvP mode you can also try a new mode which is a combination of PvP and PvE – Iron Banner Fortress Mode.

Exploring the Open world

For those who do not want to participate in raids and PvP battles, an alternative may be to explore the numerous picturesque planets of Destiny 2. In addition to the pleasure of completing the assignments available on the planets, such researchers have a good chance of getting a good outfit. Here you can also feed your reputation or currency.

Destiny 2 Raids

These are the most grandiose events in Destiny 2,  the pinnacle of the entire gameplay. Any raid is a very difficult test for a group of six heroes. At first, it is difficult even to understand what needs to be done here, and what goal to move towards. And then to do everything without mistakes, you will have to make superhuman efforts and show an iron will. Therefore, before going on a raid, it is necessary to pump up properly and get acquainted with all its phases and features on Destiny 2 forum or through a video tutorial.

As you can see, if desired, in Destiny 2 you can find a lot of interesting activities for a variety of tastes. The game offers a large amount of content for everyone, and even the most sophisticated players will be able to find an activity in the game that they will admire.


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