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Atomic Hope – The Nuclear Power documentary gets a trailer

Atomic Hope is an observational documentary that follows a tiny group of highly unpopular “pro-nuclear” activists who controversially believe we now need to urgently re-address our feelings on nuclear power if we are to have any hope of decarbonising our energy systems before the effects of catastrophic climate change wreak havoc.

The film shows the unpopular, maverick liberal group citing scientific studies that claim that a regular banana is more radioactive than living near a nuclear power station for a year, and that energy use is going to triple over the next 28 years as the population of the planet reaches 10 billion.

These advocates have been filmed internationally over a 10-year period, facing clashes and opposition at every juncture. A sordid history of nuclear meltdowns, radiation fears and nuclear waste are just some of the very serious issues traditional environmentalists have with this contentious technology. However, in the face of this pushback and conflict, they argue that, “science and data is all we have”. Their alarming call to action, while in tandem with Greta’s global environmental demand for decarbonization, is drowned out in the streets. But for better or worse?

Directed by Frankie Fenton, the documentary hits select cinemas from Friday 17th February 2023.

ATOMIC HOPE had its world premiere at the prestigious Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival and had its Irish premiere at the Galway Film Fleadh where it was nominated for Audience Awards at both festivals.

Frankie Fenton, who wrote and directed ATOMIC HOPE, is a multi-award-winning documentary filmmaker whose debut feature It’s Not Yet Dark garnered critical praise when it had its world premiere at the A-list Sundance Film Festival. The film went on to win numerous awards including the Best Irish Feature Documentary Award at the Galway Film Fleadh in 2016.

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