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Mixtape Trilogy: Stories of the Power of Music – 1091 Pictures has picked up the new music documentary

1091 Pictures, a Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment company, acquired the rights to the new music documentary Mixtape Trilogy: Stories of the Power of Music, written and directed by Kathleen Ermitage in her feature directorial debut.

The film premiered at the 2022 Sonoma International Film Festival. It was an official selection at the 2022 Cleveland International Film Festival, 2022 Sarasota Film Festival, 2022 Bentonville Film Festival, 2022 Cinequest Film & VR Festival, 2022 Sound Unseen Film Festival, and 2022 Richmond International Film Festival, where it won the Artistic Vision Award.

Mixtape Trilogy: Stories of the Power of Music explores one of the most intense and unique relationships between people who rarely meet: music artists and their fans. Folk-rock icons Indigo Girls openly share their journey, which has powerfully influenced the life of their biggest fan. Composer and pianist Vijay Iyer examines issues of immigration and race through his music; his work touches the heart of Garnette, a “man of the streets” from Kingston, Jamaica. Rapper and activist Talib Kweli inspires and transforms the life of Mike, a “Hip Hop” architect from Detroit. The director unpacks the music, inviting the audience to fall into it. The art of listening unfolds and inspires us to listen to music and, perhaps, each other in new ways.

Amy Ray of Indigo Girls states, “It is an absolute honor to be part of this poignant film that truly shows the power of music through the eyes of the artist and the receiver of that art. It sheds light on the alchemy that happens when music enters the public space and is a catalyst for healing, spiritual connection, activism and creative growth.”

“I’m so grateful that Mixtape Trilogy has found a home at 1091 Pictures—with its loyal fan base for music documentaries,” said director Kathleen Ermitage. “I can’t believe that our work will be alongside some of my favorite films. We put our hearts and souls into crafting these stories: journeys of musicians and fans as they share transcendent experiences. Alan Cogen and I can’t wait for audiences to see the inspiring social justice themes inside our film. We believe there’s nothing else like it.”

“As an immigrant who is passionate about music, the message strikes a chord with me especially in the prism of how immigration and race are analyzed,” said Gregory Maurice, director of content acquisition for 1091 Pictures. “I grew up in the Hip Hop era, Talib Kweli is a top five lyricist who can both inspire and educate. Mixtape Trilogy brilliantly highlights the correlation between music and activism.”

Gregory Maurice negotiated the deal on behalf of 1091 Pictures.

Alan Cogen, Dave Harding and John Scheinfeld (Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary) serve as executive producers. The film will be released on digital platforms on February 7, 2023.

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