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Who Invited Charlie? – Watch Adam Pally, Jordana Brewster and Reid Scott in the trailer for the new comedy

Phil Schreiber, a self-involved hedge fund manager escapes to the Hamptons with his wife and son at the beginning of the pandemic. Making an already fraught situation worse is the surprise arrival of Phil’s college roommate Charlie. An exemplar of Falstaffian excess, Charlie is also the keeper of some of Phil’s darkest secrets. To make matters worse for Phil, his wife and son love Charlie. As Charlie makes himself at home — secrets are revealed that threaten to do more harm than the virus they’re all hiding out from.

Directed by Xavier Manrique, the film stars Adam Pally, Jordana Brewster, Xosha Roquemore, Dylan Penn, Rhys Coiro, Peter Grosz, introducing Peter Dager, and Reid Scott.

Who Invited Charlie? hits US Cinemas and On Demand on 3rd February.

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