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Some Biopics We’d Love To See

Robin Friday

The biopic is one of the more interesting film genres. They offer insight and intrigue into some of the most recognisable names on the planet, often providing an accurate interpretation, and often also not.

Either way, artistic licence is of a must in these instances, as ultimately we all want to see a great film at the box office. However, there are a host of people that are yet to have their life and career transformed onto the silver screen, and there are some that we’d absolutely love to see.

So, without further ado, here are the names we’d love to see up in lights over the coming years…

Chris Moneymaker

We’re going to start a little more obscure but do bear with us on this. What do we know about gambling and film? Well, it works really well. Think Casino Royale, Ava, Ocean’s Eleven, Rounders – they are films that are stacked with tension.

Then think about the gambling industry today. It’s an online juggernaut with hundreds of brilliant online casino websites like hosting millions of players. The industry is going from strength to strength and with such a mass appeal, a film that goes back to the poker boom of the early 2000s makes perfect sense.

Step forward, Chris Moneymaker. Moneymaker made history back in 2003, becoming the World Series of Poker champion and the first player EVER to qualify from playing online. It coined the term “the Moneymaker Effect” which essentially saw more and more players start playing poker and other casino games online, helping transform the industry into what we have today.

Then there’s the life of Moneymaker. A biopic would have to cover his homelife, with poker playing a major part in the divorce with his first wife, effectively choosing his passion for the game over his wife. It’s a story waiting to be given the Hollywood treatment.

Robin Friday

Talks had been in place to film a biopic on the life of Robin Friday, but they have never quite materialised. At this point you’re probably thinking, “Robin, who?”.

Robin Friday was the “greatest footballer you never saw”. A cult figure in British sport, the forward most notably played for Reading and Cardiff during his career, scoring great goals and playing in a way that only a flawed maverick could. Think George Best of the lower leagues.

His off-the-field activities were just as free-flowing as his movement on it, with a biography by Paolo Hewitt telling plenty of quite frankly, ludicrous stories, all adding to the myth and legend that Friday was.

Sadly, Friday died aged just 38. A man who lived fast, died young. Like so many true greats.

Frank Sinatra

It seems quite incredible that we’ve never had a Frank Sinatra biopic. Ol’ Blue Eyes lived quite an incredible life and there are so many aspects of it you could hone in on for an entire movie in itself.

Martin Scorsese had been working on a biopic of the great crooner, alongside screenwriters Phil Alden Robinson and Billy Ray, with Leonardo DiCaprio touted to play the lead, but the Sinatra estate ultimately wouldn’t agree to it and the film was scrapped.

It would have been interesting to see how it would have played out too. Would it have focused on his early years, breaking through as a star? Perhaps his movie career? We’d like to think the Vegas years would play a heavy part in a Sinatra biopic, delving into his relationships with the rest of the Rat Pack and, of course, the Mob.


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