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Check out the new trailer for Dario Argento’s Dark Glasses

A serial killer who preys on prostitutes sets his sights on Diana. As he pursues her, he causes a car crash in which she is blinded and 10-year-old Chin’s entire family dies. Despite her blindness, Diane resolves to take the boy in. But the killer is still on the loose…

Directed by Dario Argento, the film stars Asia Argento, Ilena Pastorelli, Andrea Gherpelli, Maria Rosa Russo and Mario Pirrello.

Argento has described the film as a classic Italian ’giallo’, or crime tale, with a touch of the horror genre. He also went on to talk about the characters and ideas behind the film.

She’s an adult and blind, he’s too young to get by on his own. In addition, two different cultures: she is Italian, the child is Chinese. This combination is the engine of Dark Glasses.

The film represents my desire to explore two worlds: hers, we know it; his is more mysterious, and it will let us enter the neighbourhoods, houses and customs of the Chinese community in Rome, where they created a real ‘Chinatown’.

Dark Glasses is produced by Conchita Airoldi and Laurentina Guidotti of Urania Pictures, along with Getaway Films.

Dark Glasses Available on DVD & Blu-Ray February 14th, 2023.

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