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The next Avatar animated series is coming in 2025 from Paramount and Avatar Studios

Hold up! This is nothing to do with James Cameron’s Avatar. This is the next installment of the story that began with Avatar: The Last Airbender. There has been lots of developments in the world of the Avatar. Netflix are still bringing us a live-action show (I hope it is good) and there are various animated films and other projects in the works.

Avatar News has reported that Avatar Studios is working on an animated show that will follow the adventures of the next Avatar after Aang and Korra. It will be set in the future after The Legend of Korra, following the next earth Avatar in the cycle, is coming to Paramount+ in 2025.

There are no more details on the project, but it is exciting to know we will be seeing a new Avatar.

The adult Aang movie is also due out in cinemas on 10th October 2025, as well as this new series streaming in the same year. This isn’t a mistake on my part, they’re intentionally releasing both in the same year– part of a much bigger plan.

What would you like to see in the next Avatar series?

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